wassup bitches. names's Brooke,17, from England, average fangirl who reblogs too much (oops). Here you'll find a shizzle load of leonardo dicaprio, because basically he's the most fabulous, ridiculous and beautiful human being to ever grace earth, ya feel? (But he's mostly really embarrassing and enjoys wearing navy loafers and granddad caps everyday of his life :/// ???!!)

Feel free to message me (like u can be totally honest with me I could be ur therapist) so yh btw please ask for a follow back bc it's so difficult keeping up with all my fans lol xxxx

17 days and I still haven’t seen Gone Girl

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see you old sport




leonardo dicaprio is going to make such a good gatsby

yeah he’s gonna be a great gatsby


eddie redmayne hugs things part 1

Reblogging at nearly 4AM on a school day what is the meaning of life

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the wolf of wall street (2013)


the wolf of wall street (2013)