wassup bitches. names's Brooke, 17, from England, average fangirl who reblogs too much (oops). here you'll find a shizzle load of leonardo dicaprio, so brace yourselves. feel free to message me and please ask for a follow back. enjoy muthafuckaz.


I want to make a petition to give Leonardo DiCaprio a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Bloom vs. Bieber

Anonymous asked: "Do you prefer older or younger Leo? I personally think he's the most attractive in shutter island, blood diamond, and gatsby. However, I know most people prefer a younger Leo. You're account is amazing by the way!"

I like him both younger and older, I think he has aged well. And thankyou! :)

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Anonymous asked: "the latest leo candids are hilarious - doing kickboxing on a boat? what a flawless human being"

I am so late answering this but YEAHHHHHHH

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Leonardo DiCaprio discovers the meaning of life. 

He should be in a shampoo commercial

Because he’s worth it


Leonardo DiCaprio embarrassing me for the 29986th time.

I live for these moments.

What a time to be alive